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This Valentine’s day, we reached out to our inner circle of AC lovers to discover some of your modern day meet cutes. The love letters came flooding into our inbox and we are pleased to share the beautiful story of Shabnam and her partner, who were brought closer together by the birth of their child.



In the wise words of Nora Ephron, “Having a baby is like throwing a hand grenade into a marriage.” The life you once knew is no more and you enter into territory unknown. The relationship and partner you thought you knew, will change and you will most certainly discover a new version of yourself and each other. But, of course this is part of the journey and becoming parents can bring you closer in ways you never realise existed. 




For Shabnam, this was the first Valentine’s day she and her partner celebrated as parents. She tells us that “In our 12 years together, I never imagined we’d be this incredible tag team we are today. The man I married has surpassed the expectations I had and he is the most supportive husband. The most special part is that we have a new valentine (or should I say third-wheel!) this year, our precious little girl.”



Shabnam chose to inscribe her Medium Biography locket with ‘Found my strength’ – an ode to her husband and their ever-evolving relationship.



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