Star of the Present: Introducing Polaris



We have always looked to the North Star to guide us, inspiring our new collection, Polaris.

It is sure to be your next jewellery obsession.


Discover Polaris 



Polaris Mini is the first drop from our new Polaris collection, which is inspired by the celestial body and how it was illustrated on ancient maps.



Set with star-like white sapphires and night-sky-black spinels, each piece entwines with others, creating new designs to reflect your personal style.



Oval charms engraved with a white sapphire-set star motif in warm 18-ct yellow gold vermeil is another signature of this heavenly collection.



Like the mesmeric beauty of the star that inspired it, this collection may seem delicate, but it still contains pieces that make a bold statement.



Layer or style solo. How you wear this new collection is up to you.

Because jewellery isn’t about rules, it’s about freedom.


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